Roofers New Lenox II

One of the most important structures in your home is your roof. The roof protects you from the elements, keeps the people and belongings inside safe and can even be used to generate solar energy. When it involves something so important, nothing but the best contracting service will do. Roofers New Lenox II is that company!

Located in Lenox we are a roofing contractor serving the residential clients throughout in the area since 1984. Roofers New Lenox II specialty lies in offering you top quality residential re-roofing. We can handle shake, composition and tile roofs.


Leaking Roof? We Can Fix!

If you are faced with the problem of a leaking roof, let our expert roofers inspect it to decide what repairs could be made. We provide honest and accurate estimates and will complete your project at a reasonable price.

Call for an Estimate

Give us a call today to schedule your home’s reroofing project. Don’t forget to ask for
an estimate.

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