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Funner Rasta Tshirt (Special Edition)

Funner Rasta Tshirt (Special Edition)

NEW! Funner Rasta Tshirt (Special Edition) From the producer of Funner Films comes a limited edition special Rasta theme tshirt. 100 % cotton, pre-shrunk high quality tees. Printed with a unique high-resolution full color process.PRICE: $19.99

T Shirt Color



The Saturday Night Ride DVD Cover

The Saturday Night Ride DVD Cover

The Saturday Night Ride (DVD)When an ex pro snowboarder is released from prison for a crime he didn’t commit, the snowboarding world he thought he could return to has become something far beyond his wildest dreams. Pro wrestling and snowboarding have become fused into an all-new sport. Every Saturday night championship bouts are broadcast live on prime time TV. The riders have all become obsessed with battling each other in the ring and on the jump, in a quest to gain the world championship belt. Big back country booters, huge cliffs, lines, and technical rails are the training grounds as the riders take each other out, and a man seeks his former glory as well as his revenge for his unjust time behind bars.Starring: Patrick McCarthy, Nick Ennen, Andy Bergin-Sperry, Kurt Jenson, Tim Carlson, Manuel Diaz, Andy Stern, Jay Kelly, Shaun McKay, Forrest Burki, Joe Bosler, Austen Sweetin, Ryan TarbellFriends: Temple Cummins, Scotty Wittlake, Bart Patitucci, Austin Hironaka, Lucas Debari Sponsors: Stevens Pass, Snowboard Mag, Contour, 686, Lib Tech, Mt Baker, Mountain Militia, SPSS, Casual Industrees, POW Gloves Directed By Kurt Jenson & Joel Smith Produced By Wildcard Movies Filmed By Jeremy Dubs & Scott Studach PRICE: $22.95 DVD

SALE PRICE: $8.99 Instant Digital Download


How the Northwest Was Won (DVD)How the Northwest Was One is the story of a bunch of snow bandits, filmer bounty hunters, epic gun battles, and riding off into the sunset in a blaze of glory. Not to mention double backflips and corks, the sickest tree jibs, trips to Chile, and deepest powder around. Does snowboarding get any more entertaining than this? Starring: Kurt Jenson, Nick Ennen, Patrick McCarthy, Joe Bosler, Andy Stern, Andy Bergin-Sperry, Tim Carlson, Scott Witsil, Lucas Debari, Shaun McKay, Manuel Diaz, and morePRICE: DVD$22.95

PRICE: Digital Download $3.99 Rental or $9.99 Buy @  How the Northwest Was One
Sentimental Values Dvd Cover Sentimental Values (DVD)Groundbreaking Snowboarding from Funner Films. Lucas Debari wins the Mt Baker Banked Slalom. The gang travels Chile and Argentina. Double backside rodeos, 900s, and rails get slaughtered. Over 3000 copies sold, less than 100 dvds remain available before its sold out permanently.Featuring: Eric Jackson – Lucas Debari – Tarek Husevold – Nathan Lind -Tim Carlson – Justin Heath – Nick Ennen Appearances By: Donkey – Sammy Luebke – Caleb Johnson – John Jackson – Patrick McCarthy – Blair Habenicht – Manuel Diaz – JP Audisio – Cristian Wehrhahn – Kurt Jensen – Scott Witsil – Chase Cleveland – Matt Edgers – Jesse Flies – Andy Walbon – Austin Hironaka – and friends. Locations filmed include: CHILE Valle Nevado – El Colorado – Chillan – Pucon – Portillo. ARGENTINA Cerro Catedral. CANADA Grouse Mt – Whistler. USA Mt Baker – Summit-at-Snoqualmie – Grenade Games – Alpental – Hyak – Stevens Pass – Canyon Creek – Mission Ridge – Bellingham,WA – Tahoe – Alaska ++ MorePRICE:$19.99

Smokebomb (DVD)A story of epic proportions, unbelievably rendered and filmed with the greatest cameras known to man. Pretty much the best movie ever. Don’t believe us??? Then buy it and see for yourself. Featuring the snowboarding talent of Lucas Debari – Tarek Husevold – Blair Habenicht – Nathan Lind – Caleb Johnson – Justin Heath – Nick Ennen – Jeremy Dubs – Donkey – Lorn Davies – Yancy Caldwell – Chase Cleveland – Sam Giffin – Skier Zack Giffin – Patrick McCarthy – Tim Carlson – Matt Edgers – Cowboy – Friends. Locations filmed include: CANADA Grouse Mt – Whistler USA Mt Baker – Summit-at-Snoqualmie – Alpental – Hyak – Stevens Pass – Canyon Creek – Mission Ridge – Bellingham,WA – Hurricane Ridge– Jackson Hole – Idaho Backcountry – Grand Targhee – Tahoe ++ More 42 Minutes Long & Includes Numerous Bonus Sections This movie features the biggest stomped backflip ever, the world record waterride by Lucas DeBari, the biggest 360 we know about by Tarek Husevold, insane big line riding by Tim Carlson, 30inch powder days with Nathan Lind, secret Mt Baker lines, trip to Jackson Hole for the last ever Tram, Grand Targhee, Hurricane Ridge, Joey McGuire´s Mission Ridge camp, Sick Idaho Backcountry, Summit-at-Snoqualmie, Stevens Pass, Whistler, Grouse Mountain and more.PRICE:$14.99

Funner Filete Dvd Cover Funner Filete (DVD)From the producer of Frequency the Snowboarder’s Journal DVD#0, “Mountain Fresh” We take you from Mt. Baker to Chile for a year long winter. Between Oct 30, 2004 to Sept 22, 2005 we traveled snowboarding whatever and wherever we could, Tree rides, butters, pow, rails, kickers, booters, wall rides, step ups, hip jumps, gaps, cat-tracks, urban, park, big mountain, we filmed it. We went through the Cascades and Lake Tahoe to the Southern Hemisphere and lived on top of the Andes mountains in Chile. We rode hard, partied hard, and created friendships between cultures. This is a movie about the love for the mountain and having mucho fun in the “polvo filete,” the fresh cut of powder.The film is 48 minutes long with over 45 minutes of bonus footage behind the scenes in Chile.Starring: Tarek Husevold, Drew Cyr, Patrick McCarthy, Jesse Huffman, The Giffins, Marcel Dolak, Manuel Diaz, Martin Parada, Jeremy Dubs, Mark Landvik, Nick Inzerella, Blair Habenicht, Donkey, Justin Heath, Carl, Camus, Kurt Jenson, Crazy Joel, Oruga, Skunklechuck, Trini, Darian Draper, Christian Koch, Audisio, Chispa, Nathan Lind & more.PRICE:$14.99

Limited Edition Funner Tee!100% Cotton Tee Designed by Funner


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